Jonathan Harrington

Integrate Django with Keycloak

Keycloak is an open source identity and access management (IAM) and single sign on (SSO) solution from Redhat. If you have multiple web applications or services that require authentication, keycloak saves you from having to write the same authentication code over and over again, and allows your users to authenticate… Read more

The Amiga

The Amiga 500+ wasn't my first computer when I was a child (the ZX Spectrum has that honor), but it was the one I received at the age when I wanted to do more than just play games and for that reason it stands out in my memory as being… Read more

Elixir and Jupyter

When using Python I rely heavily on Jupyter (nee iPython) and now that they are pushing multi-language support I am excited to see what other language communities do with it. In this post I will look at setting it up with an Elixir kernel. Setup First install Jupyer using conda… Read more

A Custom Query Language

If you recall, our CEP processor currently forces us to write elixir code to work on our windows of data, and our current implementation stores and operates on our data in the same function. def init({events, symbol}) do window = Window.timed(60) {:ok, %{symbol: symbol, events: events, window: window}… Read more

Elixir and ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ is an excellent, language agnostic messaging and concurrency library. It can be used to provide non-BEAM based languages with some (but not all!) of the features that we take for granted when writing code in Elixir on the erlang vm. For this post, we will focus on its capabilities… Read more