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A Custom Query Language

If you recall, our CEP processor currently forces us to write elixir code to work on our windows of data, and our current implementation stores and operates on our data in the same function. def init({events, symbol}) do window = Window.timed(60) {:ok, %{symbol: symbol, events: events, window: window}… Read more

A CEP Processor in Elixir

CEP is the term used to describe systems that process streams of events. In this post, we will use the the data structures created in a previous post and a GenEvent server to create a simple CEP processor in Elixir. Introduction The application we are creating is going to recieve… Read more

Simple Sliding Windows in Elixir

Custom data structures in Elixir As part of some research I have been doing I wanted a sliding window data structure and thought it would be interesting to see how to implement custom data structures in Elixir. Note: What follows is a very naive implementation, I was more focused on… Read more